Engineering the Infrastructure that Supports Our Province and it's Municipalities

CECON normally designs and supervises anywhere from $2 million to $5 million worth of Municipal Infrastructure projects annually

CECON provides a complete range of engineering services necessary for the daily operation of a municipality's utilities and expansions of its infrastructure.

This often includes communicating with council staff concerning such matters as drainage, leak detection, road maintenance, or the operation of any mechanical/electrical equipment

Many projects undertaken by our company involves the development of environmental enhancement facilities in the following areas: 

Flood Control Networks

Potable Water Supply Systems

Sanitary Sewage Collection, Treatment, and Disposal Systems

These projects are often divided into phases such as:

Protection measures around the water shed

Contruction of retaining structures

Water pumping stations

Water treatment facilities

Elevated Resevoirs

Water transmission and distribution facilities/systems

Sanitary sewage collection facilities/sysyems

Sanitary sewage treatment and disposal facilities/systems

Storm sewage collection and disposal facilities/systems


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