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Our Services

CECON Limited is a multi-discipline Consulting Engineering firm engaged in planning, design, and supervision of many types of engineering, infrastructure and development projects.

Property Appraisal

Our professional property appraisal services are comprehensive and detailed. Backed by years of experience and multi-disciplinary expertise


Environment Protection is an aspect of every project undertaken by CECON Limited, whether it be sludge settling lagoons, a low operation-cost sanitary sewage facultative lagoon, a diffused sewage outfall, or a chlorination/dechlorination system for an activated sludge sewage treatment plant.

Land Development

The steady growth of our economy and population requires the development of previously undeveloped land for residential and industrial expansion


CECON has undertaken a number of projects related to marine and harbor infrastructure, including the design of community wharves and breakwaters, Marine Service Centre Complexes and Quality Control Initiatives relating to the offload and handling of marine products

Mechanical Experience

The company's trained personnel have the experience to provide clients assistance in the maintenence and evaluation of any existing mechanical system


Many of the projects undertaken by CECON run their life span from preliminary concept

to design – constructioning supervision – commissioning.

Civil/Structural & Building

CECON often acts as the Prime Consultant and Project Manager on multi-discipline Civil/Structural and Building Projects. We assemble the Design Team from our in house staff, supplemented with outside expertise not available with our firm. Our services include liaison with the client, co-ordination of the design team, project tendering and construction supervision.

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