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Environment Protection is an aspect of every project undertaken by CECON Limited, whether it be sludge settling lagoons, a low operation-cost sanitary sewage facultative lagoon, a diffused sewage outfall, or a chlorination/dechlorination system for an activated sludge sewage treatment plant

Environmental Site Assessments

Our environmental staff completed an Environmental Site Assessment Phase 1-4 Course provided by SOl Consulting Group, Regina. This course’s purpose is to provide structural framework on ESA reports as recommended by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). The course provided information on interpretation of when assessment is necessary and the process that is applicable. The course also provided a standard for completion of Phase 2 and 4 Studies by using the ASCE Technical Procedure manual as submitted in the course.

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Environmental Site Assessments Phases

Phase 1 - Assessing the potential for contamination on a property site. 

This involves a site investigation by CECON representative and an extensive background search on the property site to include any past potential contamination. 

Phase 2 - A potential contamination site would come following findings from phase 1 or from properties that have known contaminant on site. A phase 2 consists of soil/water sampling for the purpose of locating a potential contaminant and determining if levels exceed provincial standards

Phase 3-4 - At this stage, a site has been contaminated and requires a cleanup. The assessment will report in more detail the extent of the contamination and provide more accurate estimates of the cost of clean-up than could be achieved in phase 2. This usually includes the clean-up process which is more commonly known as "site remediation"

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